A Very British Christmas in London

  • Stunning Streets of London

London is everything I thought it would be and more. I wanted to visit this gorgeous city to take in the sights and check it off my list; part of me thought it would be too familiar and not exotic enough to make it to my list of absolute favorite places. I was mistaken… London is absolutely one of my most favorite places. Walking through prospect park and through the streets of this incredible city you feel like you are on the set an old movie being filmed. The old black taxis, cobblestone streets and simply stunning architecture just made me stop and smile. I literally couldn’t get enough of it. We stayed in the Marylebone area. I am so glad we stayed in this neighborhood as It has that new Brooklyn feel. Great spots are  found here! It hosted a large variety of restaurants and trendy shops. There is also an interesting shop that I found on another blog while gathering ideas for my trip. If you are a shopper and like finding great deals, you will want to check out the following link for more information.http://www.yelp.com/biz/cancer-research-uk-london-39   I did not find anything on my visit, but I could definitely see the potential for finding some great deals on bags, shoes and accessories. It is definitely worth stopping by for a look. Plus, just a few doors down you can pop into Cox and Power to see some gorgeous jewelry designs. http://www.coxandpower.com/index.mobile.html There are great unique pieces set with stones in modern vibrant colors. If you like jewelry, you will love this little shop.

St Christopher’s Place was another appealing spot. I just happened to walk through this area on the way back from Oxford Street. It is a fun neighborhood with an artsy boutique feel. Here you will find more independent designers and less of the chain stores.

While we always hear about the London Bridges, Tower Bridge is actually the most impressive structure. Just around the corner from the London Bridge and next to Big Ben, you may cross these sites off your list together. It is truly a breathtaking view and again, if you enjoy getting great photos, it is difficult to take  a bad picture here. Despite the rumors that London is gray and just a city,  it has quickly become one of my favorite places in the world. I will definitely return in the future as I loved everything about this cultural hot spot.